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Mat Class

You’ll sculpt your legs, arms, gluets, and thighs while target toning your core with every move you make.  The mat work is a great place to begin for all fitness levels.  You will learn the basics correctly in a low impact movement based choregraphy.  The mat exercies will will help you increase your strength, flexibilty, balance and confidence!


Studio 59 instructors incorporate the original classic exercises design by Joseph Pilates and modern exercise principals of today. To bring about precise, controlled movement five fundamental body positions are used:

  • Breath
  • Head and Neck Position
  • Scapular control
  • Rib Cage placement
  • Pelvic Positioning

These are designed to help restore the natural curves of the spine and improve muscle strength to support the joints.  Studio 59 instructors work to elevate you to the next level of fitness with layering techniques that will directly effect the students ability to precisely control movement and breath.  Small movements can bring about big benefits.