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Our Goal is to Help You Achieve Your Goals. See who we are, and what we bring to Studio59 Pilates

Stacy Darkis ~ Stacy brings 25 years as a specialty clinical medical assistant to her Pilates teaching.  After experiencing Pilates for herself in a private setting, she soon realized how she would be able to help others in their journey to better health through Pilates Fitness. Studying the classic style of Joseph Pilates as taught by Power Pilates of New York, she learned how to help others discover their own body awareness  & muscle control through Pilates. Stacy has been taught by some of the greats in the Pilates world like Kathy VanPatten, Nora Gomez-Dears, and Elder Lolita SanMiguel.  Stacy respects each individuals unique needs and provides private Pilates fitness instruction as well as group classes.  Born and raised in Maine, Stacy is a Power Pilates classically trained instructor & Fitness Trainer.  She also has a post-rehabilitation certificate through Pink Ribbon Program specializing in breast cancer rehabilitative exercises.  Meeting people where they are, physically & emotionally, and helping to get them where they desire to be is one of the many qualities Stacy brings to the individual wellness session.  Owner of Studio 59 Pilates Fitness, LLC since 2007. 
Certifications include: Power Pilates Certificate (advanced level including all equipment), Fitness & Nutrition Diploma from Penn -Foster Career School, Pink Ribbon Program certification, CPR/AED ,  USM Training & Development certificate, Pilates for MS & other Neurological Conditions certificate2015
SAVE HERE ~Hilary is no longer teaching with Studio 59 and is focused on her family. Studio 59 is sad to see her leave.
Certifications include:  
Amity Chadbourne ~Amity is Stott certified and is a creative instructor.  She is a devoted Mom and active in our community. In her words. I began my Pilates journey 3 years ago at Studio 59. Always a cardio junkie, I felt the only way to exercise was to make it heart pounding and usually harsh on the joints. After my 4th round of Physical Therapy for alignment and strength imbalance issues, I decided I needed to make a change and really listen and learn about my body as to how it moved and functioned. I decided I had to take control instead of letting it control me. I discovered that Pilates focused on the principals that my Physical Therapists had been trying to teach me. Pilates strengthened my core, back, and hips. Through body awareness, I learned where my muscle imbalances were and how to correct them when performing the exercises to develop balanced muscle strength and better neutral body alignment. Today I stand taller, I am more confident and I feel better. Pilates has also improved my cardio performance. I enjoy biking, hiking, and running much more now with less fatigue and discomfort. I feel everyone can benefit from adding Pilates work into their weekly routine whether that routine already includes physical activity or not. In 2013, I earned my Pilates teaching certificate in Stott Essential and Intermediate Mat Pilates through Northeast Pilates Education Centers.


Certifications include:    Stott certificate in Stott Essential and Intermediate Mat Pilates, CPR/AED Certificate