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Whether you are looking for a healthy solution to becoming mobile in your life again, physical post- rehabilitative exercise , or looking for something fun and beneficial to you in the fitness world.  We are here to work with you where you are at; to help YOU realize your goals!  We feature Peak Pilates equipment that is state of the art.  Do Not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions or to get scheduled.  We offer both Mat and Reformer group classes as well as Private Individual instruction.



  • 10:00am Mat Class
  • 11:00am Reformer Class
  • 4:30pm Reformer Class
  • 5:30pm Reformer Class
  • 6:30pm Reformer Class


  • 10:00am Mat Class


  • 10:00am Reformer Class
  • 5:00pm Reformer Class
  • 6:00pm Reformer Class


  • 10:00am Mat Class
  • 5:00pm Reformer Class
  • 6:00pm Mat Class


  • MONDAY – SATURDAY CALL 207-318-5520


  • 8:00am Reformer Class
  • HOLD Reformer Class
  • 9:00am Mat Class

Testimonial Video

Our promotional video showcases testimonials from our clients. We enjoy creating beneficial classes for our clients and are happy to say they really thrive in our studio!



I began taking Pilates classes at Studio 59 in June 2013. Stacy and her staff made me feel welcome and at ease from the beginning. Pilates has made me stronger and my muscles are more defined. I get a great workout while enjoying the camaraderie of my fellow students. Studio 59 is a great, affordable place to practice Pilates. I feel fortunate to have discovered it.
~Patty B.