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Whether you are looking for a healthy solution to becoming mobile in your life again, physical post- rehabilitative exercise , or looking for something fun and beneficial to you in the fitness world.  We are here to work with you where you are at; to help YOU realize your goals!  We feature Peak Pilates equipment that is state of the art.  Do Not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions or to get scheduled.  We offer both Mat and Reformer group classes. 

Schedule During the Christmas/New Years weeks:

17th: 9:am Reformer class
18th: 10:am Mat class & 4:30 reformer class
20th: 8 & 9am reformer classes, 10:am Mat class
22nd: 10:am Mat class, 6:pm reformer class
23rd: 10:am Mat class, 12 noon reformer class

24th: 10:am reformer class
25th: Christmas
26th: Rest Period
27th: 8 & 9:am reformer class & 10:am Mat class
28th: Sunday
29th: 10:am Mat class, 7:pm reformer class
30th: 10:am Mat class

31st: 9 & 10:am reformer class. CLOSED EVENING
be safe ringing in the New Year 2015
January 1st 2015: 10:am Mat class
3rd: 8:30am reformer class, 10:am Mat class
Classes NOT Listed are already FULL.



  • 10am Mat Class
  • 12pm Reformer Class
  • 6&7pm Reformer Class


  • 5:15am Mat Class
  • 10am Mat Class


  • 9am Mat Class
  • 10am Mat Class
  • 5pm Mat Class
  • 6pm Mat Class


  • 5:15am Mat Class
  • 10am Mat Class
  • 4:30 Reformer Class
  • 5:30pm Mat Class




  • 8am Reformer Class
  • 9am Reformer Class
  • 10am Mat Class

Mobile Video of Week

Check out Janet a 74 year young breast cancer survivor.  We are happy to be able to have the opportunity to help people of all ages with some amazing physical rehabilitation.